#8 Sell products? You could have a date reminder service – there is a lot of software available that would help you to automate this. Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries . . . what are your products good for? You can use an automatic reminder service like one of these:

Or you can add a couple extra fields on your contact form so that folks can enter the birthdate and sex of their children/grandchildren and you can send out a notice to them with a reminder of the upcoming b-day or holiday and include a software recommendation for that age.

#9 What special things can you do for your customers? For example, Can you gift wrapped before shipping? If so, let people know. Do you offer gift certificates, group discounts etc.? Think about what else you can offer and let folks know about it!

#10 Relist with the search engines – Is the traffic to your site slowing down? It may be time to relist with those major search engines. BUT . . . before you do, use Wordtracker to find the best keywords to use in your META tags. The ROIbot Webmaster Tool includes site submission & tracking.

#11 Get those press releases out! Be sure it’s not just a sales message. Make it newsworthy

#12 Nothing sells better than testimonials. Be sure to include those kind words from your clients and watch your sales increase.

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