(part 1)

#1 Build a List . . . Set up a way for visitors to register to be notified of site updates, special offers or newsy items. Use this to build an in-house mailing list. By sending out periodic email notices to the prospects on your list you can keep your site and products in their minds. And now that you have your list going . . . Start your own Ezine (online newsletter). It’s really not that hard. And here are some links to help you get started::

#2 Automate! Have your product list with brief descriptions & a mail-in order form available via an autoresponder. That way if people are in a hurry, or if they just aren’t ready to buy right now, your information will be in their email box. They’ll have less of a chance to forget you!

  • Your prospects simply send any email message to the autoresponder and the information is instantly sent to them. You also get a copy of their email address so that you can follow up, or add them to your in-house e-mail list. Autoresponders can also be used as an automatic follow-up tool, or to deliver weekly lessons or marketing messages

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#3 Install a secure order form. People will be more likely to order online if you provide a way to protect their personal and financial information. And if you make it “easy” for them to order. If you don’t have a merchant account, you can either apply for one, use a 3rd party processor, or you can get check software that will let you accept checks online. Whatever you do, don’t make your customers print out an order form and send it to you . . . the order won’t get to you.

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