Flex is a powerful open source development framework for building highly interactive web applications, visually rich and customizable solutions for a wide array of purposes. Its run time – Flash Player and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) are available far and wide on all major browsers, desktops and Operating Systems. Through Flex, SWF files are created, which are rendered by Flash Player and these applications can run on web Browsers via Flash Player and in online/offline mode via AIR over desktops.

Adobe Flex precisely, is a collection of technologies for the development and deployment of cross platform, Rich Internet Applications based on the proprietary Adobe Flash platform. Interestingly, flash content and applications have emerged as principal requirements for rich web experiences.

Benefits of using Flex:

1. Applications developed using Flex assures Rich User Experience through intuitive interaction with the application and presenting information in a visually rich interface.

2. Flex allows for the development of applications that support complex business logic to run in the browser, rendering the feeling of Quick Response and not refreshing the page again and again.

3. The highly evolved client environment of Flex permits the applications to process huge number of information at client-end without any noticeable change in performance of the applications. This leads to High Performance.

4. Flex supports Diverse Modes for promoting data with an incorporated development model for complete customization and control. Applications developed are highly customizable tailoring to customer´s needs.

5. Flex provides a Strong Development Model that consists of Action Script and MXML.

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