How to have your existing customers convince your potential customers to buy your product and service?

It’s very important for businesses today to collect testimonials about their products and services from their excited clients as your potential customers are looking for reviews and testimonials from real users to make a quick decision on subscribing for your product or service. That was the era where the media was able to promote and bombard what the users want to hear from the brands. These advertisement messages designed by some of the greatest marketing minds in the industry, now we have grown tired of it.
In this article you get to know

  • How to Collect Written and Video Testimonials?
  • How to motivate your customers to share excitement about your business?
  • How to get Five Star Google Positive reviews?
  • How can you make your customers to share their positive experience with your business on social media?
  • How to get more referrals through your customers?

Now people make quick decisions on very fine reviews from different websites and also on what different people are talking about your products and service on the Internet and social media. These are all organic and genuine and the potential customers know there is no marketing magic in it. Advertisements are making the users tired whereas the testimonials and reviews, users go by their will to check and make decision. Users see genuine good reviews and 78% are more likely to buy your product or service than getting influenced by the marketing agencies.

We recommend our clients to get written testimonials and also video testimonials from their excited clients on products and services and you can these testimonials to convince the potential users to buy your products or services and these also help the site an additional new content for search engine optimization. Video testimonials are really incredible too, as they give real face-to-face experience sharing between the potential customer and your excited customer. This is something incredible, this also acts as a search engine marketing tool for you and your business in video portals like YouTube and more. Having a significant presence in portals like YouTube should be an important part of your Internet marketing strategy also and these video testimonials help you on the same.

You can also have your excited customers share their excitement in social media like Face book, Twitter and more and they are very powerful too. Google reviews are an important tool, as your potential customer can look at those reviews with the Google on your business or services and products you sell. Also Google reviews carry a great importance in optimization process of your website. So having more excellent reviews help you in convincing your potential customers to become your customers and also help for ranking your website much better than otherwise.
Now one may be thinking, how can you get so many testimonials and reviews from your customers? Is it is a really feasible? An answer to both questions is “yes”. How can you motivate your customers to Share their positive experience in video, text, Google reviews etc. is by incentivizing them to do so. Let us discuss on couple of scenarios as example on our business and motivate their customers and generate great testimonials.

Your restaurant can announce free soup or appetizer or snacks or even a lunch or dinner depending upon the kind of testimonial or testimonials the customer is providing. We know, at NetUltimate we provide up to five business leads for our customers who give us great testimonials as a way to say thank you to them. A pizza place can give free pizza or can even go extra mile by delivering the free pizza to their doorstep with a personal note of thank you. Any of these approaches are absolutely great and more the personal touch we add the more customers remember us and end up referring our products and services to their friends and family members on top of giving you great testimonial. This may sound like bribe to some of you, but it is a ethical one. As a business we never want to forget, a happy and satisfied customer is the biggest form of advertisement. Implement the discussed techniques here and open the flood gate for new customers and thus increased revenue to your business.

If you have more questions on the need or more of collecting testimonials and the strategies, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly customer service representatives from NetUltimate can help you in your online reputation building effort. NetUltimate specializes in Internet marketing in which it includes reputation building using testimonial collections as one of the strategies on top of e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and the mobile marketing etc. If you like this article and found useful, please do like it and share it with your friends on Face book, twitter etc. also please provide us were, once and feedback on this article so that we can provide a better response.

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