Welcome to NetUltimate.com

Netultimate.com is a North American based company having corporate office in Canada and branches in US and many technical staffs working from different locations in India. Very near in the future NetUltimate will be one of the largest employer in India, where technical people work full time from home.  Challenging assignments, good working environment, professional management and opportunities to learn, execute  and train with attractive packages and perks and off course with no traffic jam and flexible work environment makes NetUltimate a choice for the technical and marketing professionals a final destination in their job search.

 Attractive Employee Benefits from Netultimate include the following

  •  Home Office management Allowance
  • Skill set enhancement and certification courses
  • Special Day Bonus
  • Special Function Bonus
  • Leave reimbursement policy
  • Creativity Bonus
  • Customer Satisfaction Bonus
  • Registration Bonus
  • Mentorship and Retention Bonus
  • Accidental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health care Benefits
  • Postal Provident Fund
  • Collect Gold Coin Plan
  • Opportunity to come abroad if interested
  • Carrier with Convenience : With work from home or any remote location  with great shift timings to choose from with flexibility and friendly work atmosphere, as a  NetUltimate employee you can enjoy traffic free healthy work-life balance along with get the Home office management allowance makes this job seekers a favorite location.
  • Skill Enhancement Certification courses : As a NetUltimate employee, you will able to explore the other skills outside of your regular day to day work and get certified from the company sponsored programme school in your own flexible time. This way you can broaden your area of exposure and deepen the area of interest as NetUltimate believes in investing in its employees.
  • Health care Benefit: Hustle free Insurance plan will be subscribed for all the confirmed employees which can help you in times of your sickness or accidents or emergency needs to have a peace of mind.
  • Special day & function bonus: This is a way for NetUltimate to say how special their employees are and how much we appreciate them with great amount of personal touch.
  • Creativity Bonus : This is way NetUltimate encourages their staff to think outside the box and take their attention away from the regular day to day things and let their creative juice flowing.

Many perks in various forms encouraging the employees growth mentally and keeping them energized with great work life balance makes NetUltimate a favorite destination for job seekers and our employees. Our employees not only work with Netultimate but grow, enjoy and thrive with us. We hope to see you as a part of NetUltimate Team very soon too.