Things to do when you start your training with Netultimate

1) Change the Company Skype profile with your name, picture, phone number. Make sure the city is Brampton, State/Province ON, Country Canada

2) Change your System timing to Easter Standard Time (US EST (New York Time))

3) Make sure to have Celina’s cell phone number and company number is stored in your cell phone and also save it in your records.

4) Make sure to like our fan page at if you didn’t do already and you can also share with your friends to do so if they are looking for job with us or wanting to do technical updates. Set a goal to get 50 FB likes as your will learn a lot in the process as a part of internet and social media marketing.

5) Any time your work is interfered because of the power cut, or internet issue or what ever the cause could be.. You must update your Supervisor Celina by phone if online is not possible.

6) Always your Skype status should be online while you work

7) You are eligible for 1hr break and you can take it as per your convenience and any pattern you want even though we recommend to take 30, 15 and 15 mins break except the first 1.5 hrs at your starting time and last 1.5 hrs of your closing time.

8) When you are taking the break you will let your supervisor know how many mins you are taking break and put your Skype status to ‘away’.

9) When you come back from break you will let your supervisor know that you are back from break and you will change your Skype status to ‘online’ back again.

10) When you come in the morning every day you will wish your supervisors and HR as a general courtesy to start the day as that will be used as your login time also.

11) You will register in and you will go through the Internet Marketing course and take notes and send that in your daily task email along with any questions you have etc. Here is the Internet Marketing Course structure. Click here

12) As a last work you will send the Daily Task list to as this will give us what your learned and any questions you have where you need help etc. This also works as your log out time.

13) You are expected to finish the video course on Internet marketing in the first week and then next week will be your hands on training and on successful completion of your training you will be brought in the pay roll as a trainee on the 15th or 1st of the month that is close to your end of the training.

14) Don’t go through other subjects all at once in a hurry as we want to make sure follow our given schedule just to make sure you are learning and able to apply well. Once you get good with the internet marketing with your supervisor approval you will go to our online design/development boot camp. If you have any questions on this you can contact your supervisor for clarifications.

15) As you finish each lesson in the school share them using the share button given below each lesson and mention the points you learned and tag it back to our fan page (

16) Make sure to come a bit early to start your system etc before your log in time.

17) If you have any questions technically or difficulty in login in etc you can contact your supervisor as that’s the only way they can help you.

18) If you have any Human Resources related questions feel free to contact the HR using your Skype or email.

19) All the official Skype ids are monitored no personnel talks or un professional talks will be tolerated. Video Conference in official Skype id is not permitted unless 2 level of supervisors approve them. So don’t request or entertain Video conference in official id. The above Skype policy is kept to provide a great friendly working atmosphere and we expect you to adhere with these policies strictly.

20) Also learn the Keyword Analysis Beginning to End – Steps – Part 1 and 2 from the