Terms & Policies on Resignation

  • You should give prior notice on resignation minimum a month before.


  • You should provide all the necessary login credentials that includes Skype, Niche, NetUltimate Gmail id,
    Website,Forums, External Articles Login information.


  • Any knowledge transfer and training of employees requested by the company shall be executed fully by the employee during their notice time as a requirement of settlement.


  • You should get No-objection Certificate form your Immediate supervisor by submitting all the above said login credentials along with undergoing tasks at that time.( Articles, KA reports and etc.)


  • Once your resignation is submitted and accepted, then all the pay for the notice time will be paid on the following 15th of the month after your reliving. In this period, if we have any issues with your work or accounts then you will be contacted by the company to make sure all works got  handed over properly.


  • Without proper information to HR and following the terms and conditions no settlement will be made and employment will not be terminated