What are the responsibilities of a person handling ASIAN CONNECTIONS NEWSPAPER ?

1. Publishing the asian posts
2. Download the content from email attachment and start posting them in wordpress in the corresponding categories.
3. Ensure you have access to http://www.theasianconnectionsnewspaper.com/wp-login.php

4. Click Add new post – Please fill below details

a) Title of the post
b) Description/ Content of the post
c) Select appropriate – Category say Sports, Community, World.
-Categories will be mentioned in the email subject line/ first line of email content
-else you can decide the category name by going through the news
-say for example , if it is CANADA related , check if it is regarding politics / community
-all cine news comes under Entertainment
-all international news comes under World
-all news about India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc comes under South Asia
d) Do google image search with the title of the post, select an appropriate image and download it, Click Featured Image and upload the image from system. If the image size doesn’t fit in the image box in paper then crop it using MS Paint and upload.
e) Tag like community, sports etc same as category name
f) SEO Title – same as Title of the post
g) SEO Description – first 2 or 3 lines of the post ie) short description
h) SEO Keyword – enter revelant keywords like foot ball, FIFA, Brazil, Germany …enter minimum 5 keywords

5. Click Publish
6. Click View page
7. Verify Title , Content – properly aligned, no unwanted spaces, Image size, no distortions while displayed in the newspaper.

8. Check if All posts in email is covered ?

9. Select 6 posts of high importance like headlines [ you can also refer to the first 6 news published in the epaper ] and add category as ‘Featured posts’ in wordpress
10. Login to Asian FB account , post the above 6 featured posts in the timeline one by one

a) copy the url of the featured post from site
b) paste url in the timeline of Asian FB
c) the corresponding news appears
d) but image is by default the Asian Newspaper epaper image
e) click the upload option above that image
f) upload the appropriate image displayed in site from ur system
g) click post
h) repeat the above for all 6

11) Login to Asian twitter account, tweet the above 6 featured posts in the page one by one

a) copy the title of the featured post
b) paste the title in the tweet field
c) copy the url of the featured post from site
d) paste it in the tweet
e) click tweet

12. Install free and latest version of filezilla
13. Ensure to get the host, username, password , port no. and check access.
14. Once logged in to ASIAN EPAPER – download all the folders under the current date to your system
15. The login to ASIAN PAST and create folder of current issue in current year and upload the above.
16. Go to PAST ISSUES tab in site, click edit page
17. copy the code of last issue and paste it again, edit the date as current date and folder date too
say for example Aug,01,2014 and aug01
18. Click Update and then view page ; open the current issue ; check if every single page is displayed.(check and make sure all the pages are uploaded right and able to view right)
19. Take Backup of the current epaper in Local hard drive.
20. Verifying and updating the Status of the ASIAN tasks in the excel sheet in google docs
21. Ensure you get all links, accesses before you start.
22. ***NOTE*** While doing Viewpoint category – Always, in the first line of the content of the post, please add the below image via “Add Media” option, http://www.theasianconnectionsnewspaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Viewpoint.jpg
23. How to add/edit/delete in BREAKING NEWS SCROLL ?
1. Settings
2. Horizontal Scrolling
3. Add New
4. Paste news in “Enter the announcement” box
5. Paste post URL in “Enter target Link” box
6. Select target Location -> Open in New Window
7. Display Status – Yes
8. Display order – 1/2/3/4/5/6 etc ; see the previous news order and increment by one
9. Start and Expiration date – default values
10. Submit

How to update RATES in SCROLLER in Asian Connections Newspaper ?
1. Login to http://www.theasianconnectionsnewspaper.com/wp-admin
2. Click Settings
3. Click Horizontal scrolling
4. Goto last announcement, place cursor on it
5. Click Edit
6. Update today’s values
7. Diesel – 110.9 ; Gasoline – 123.5 from site – http://www2.nrcan.gc.ca/eneene/sources/pripri/prices_bycity_e.cfm?PriceYear=0&ProductID=5&LocationID=66,8,39,17
8. USD 1.23660455 ; INR 0.02037 ; PKR 0.01269 ; GBP 1.92583182 from site – http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/exchange/
9. Weather in Toronto from site – http://www.weather-in-canada.com/Ontario/Weather_in_Toronto/
10. Click Submit
11. Goto site and verify in scroller.

How to delete unused images in Asian Connections Newspaper ?
1. Login to WP-ADMIN
2. Click Settings
3. Click DNUI
4. Unused images are listed here in the order of oldest images first.
5. Select few images and click delete
6. Images are deleted.
7. Repeat above steps to delete as many needed.
8. These unused images of previous years are deleted to save storage space in server