Leave Policy

The following are the 6 Holidays

1. Independence Day                            August 15th

2. Republic Day                                     January 26th

3. Diwali Nov 13th

4. Christmas                                        December 25th

5. New Year                                        January 1st

6. Pongal / Sankranti January 14th

You will be eligible for 6 Earn leaves. For every 2 months you work you will get day leave and 3 medical leaves which you will be entitled from the day of confirmation.

Total holidays are 15

 You can either take this leaves or work. It is your choice.

 Our business calendar  is from June 1st to May 31st

 Any of this leave can be accumulated with out taking leave and what ever the number of days of leave you accumulate you will be paid as per that days salary.

 You will let HR Director  and  your team lead  know well in advance if you are going to work or take leave so that it can be planned accordingly.


Leave Compensation
If you want to Compensate for the leave taken, you can do only with the prior permission from the HR and/or Supervisor.
The following are the set of rules you have to follow while compensating your leave taken..

Rules for Leave compensation

1.       Always keep in mind the Leave compensation is a privilege and not the right.

2.       Your Leave compensation request should be approved and email should be acknowledged by your supervisor

3.       The day you are going to work to compensate for any of your leave, should be approved by your supervisor at least two days before and let the HR know by acknowledging compensation request email.

4.       After your work is finished on the compensated day you got to send your accomplished task to your supervisor to approve and acknowledge and send instruction to HR regarding the same.

5.       All the compensation for any leave has to be taken on the same month (pay period)

6.       If you follow all the above steps HR will send an email acknowledging your leave compensation and this process will help you to avoid the salary deduction and/or leave deduction.

PN: You must have completed 65 working days as of last salary period and had supervisor approval to fill the Confirmation form

– HR Director