Rules for doing Blog and forum commenting and posting

Rules for doing Blog and forum commenting and posting

Always keep in mind spam content will be removed or not approved in any quality blog or forum. Your comment or post will stay in a blog or forum because that is adding value to their user base.  If none of your comment or post is staying as a good blog or forum that means you are not adding any quality and/or value by adding comment or post.

Best way to do good value adding comment or post on any given topic is going to KA in the content tab and pulling the contents on the subject from various articles and choose and copy the content that will be ideal for your blog or forum and rewrite adding your personality and then you can post there and this will highly increase the productivity in your link building process.

If you are getting back link from a forum by profile setting then be active in that forum for at least couple of weeks by posting some comments and post by above mentioned techniques to make sure the profile is not being deleted as a spam.

You can link it back to the website in various ways.

1)    Directly to the main domain

2)    Linking exactly to the home page

3)    Linking back to any particular related article pages ( Inner pages)

4)    Hyper linking with unrelated terms such us click here, check here, your name etc

5)    Make sure that you are giving the links in the 75:25 ratios. 75% for different internal pages and 25% for Home page and the exact domain

6)    Always follow the 60-30-10 formula by having

  1. 60% generic bio link (eg. Click here, for more info, or bio author name etc)
  2.  30% – Key phrase i.e., it contains at least one keyword. (eg. If keyword is heart rate monitor, the anchor text will be “For more information on heart rate monitor, please click here.”)
  3. 10% – core Keyword. Eg. (“Heart rate monitor”.)

A)   Once you find the topic of conversation in any given blog or forum then you can open your KA (Keyword Advantage) and click on the content tab and enter that topic and pull the related articles for that keyword from multiple sources.

B)   Open more articles from the collected once from the KA and collect the interesting lines and put on a word doc.

C)   No matter you do a blog commenting or a Forum posting make sure to add value else you will not able to get approved and get traffic from there.  Make sure all the comments/postings you do are related and looks intelligent and not as spam with no grammar and spelling mistakes.