Etiquette To follow During Skype Meetings

Etiquette To Follow During Skype Meetings


  • Keep in mind there is much difference between having a meeting inside a room and phone or Skype meeting as the people in the meeting not seeing you face to face.


  • In Skype/phone meeting people know your presence and your participation only by your voice so you have to talk, laugh for jokes answer the questions very fast to make the meeting exiting.


  • If any question is asked, you be the first one to answer as this will make the meeting more exiting and will not frustrate the Skype/phone meeting organizer and will help to finish the meeting fast.


  • When one person is talking don’t interfere but you can express your views once the person is done as this will help the Skype/phone meeting organizer to hear to everybody present and understand and respond in civil way.


  • In Skype meeting you can also use the chat place to convey your thoughts to the organizer or the group to type if you want to say anything while the other person is talking without disturbing the whole meeting. But keep this to minimum level and use only when un avoided as this is a bad manners to go behind and talk in a meeting setting and considered impatient for not waiting for your turn.


  • In essence make sure you make your voice heard in Skype/phone meetings to share your thoughts and participate fully knowing nobody is able to see your facial or body expressions and help to keep the meeting more exiting and meaningful and finish fast.


  •  “Video conferencing / Call is strictly banned. If needed, the employee has to get  written approval from Immediate supervisor”