Internet marketing course structure

1st day course syllabus for Keyword Analysis
a)    Search Engine Optimization – Introduction
b)    Keyword and Competitor Analysis
Then in Tech snippets video/internet marketing
How & Why to use Google Analytics
Analyse Keywords with Google Adwords
Then in Tech snippets Audio/internet marketing
High Competitive Keyword
Competition Analysis
After finishing the above lessons you will get to do assignment on Key word analysis

2nd day course syllabus for article writing. Course lessons
How to write Articles
Impact of Google Panda update on SEO
OnPage Optimization
Then in Tech snippets Text/Internet marketing
Techniques to write high quality articles Fast
Rules for Writing Content for websites
Then after doing this you will do article writing assignment and on successful completion you can move to the next step

3rd day Course syllabus – Backlinking
Backlink Building Techniques
Back link building Analysis and Planing
Impact of Google Penguin Update on SEO

Tech snippets / Video/internet marketing
How to do Press Release effectively
How to do Guest Blogging
How to check Backlinks of your website

Tech snippets / Audio/internet marketing
How to do Quality Backlinks with Good Content
How to improve traffic through article marketing and guest blogging
Tech snippets / Text/internet marketing
Yahoo Anwers Instructions
Rules for doing Blog and forum commenting and posting
How to search for link building resources
Rules for Building Back links
web 2.0 sites resources

(Then you will practise on link building till you get mastered on above three things with proven ability)
4th day Course syllabus – Email marketing
1) Sourcing and Direct Email Marketing
2) How to do Email Marketing Effectively
3) How to do Email Marketing Effectively (Tech snippets/audio)
4) How to do Email Marketing effectively – series II (Tech snippets/audio)

5th day Course syllabus – Social media marketing
1) How to do Face Book Marketing?
2) How to do twitter marketing effectively?
3) Social networking to elevate business
4) Rise of Mobile Marketing for Business
5) Ethics on using Video for business Promotions
6) How to make Teaser Video (Tech snippets/video)
7) Tips on how to market your Business in Facebook effectively (Tech snippets/audio)
8) Traffic through Twitter –

The above lessons are available under Internet Marketing Category Courses/ Tech snippets.