Importance of Promotions and Sale

out of sight is out of mind, is a great proverb for any business no matter how small or how big they are. As a business, to increase sales, you got to be creating a brand-new promotions, sales, seasonal sales and promotions in regular basis to keep it exiting for your customer base. Keep coming out with exciting promotions with new names, catchy phrases in regular basis. New promotions and sales excite your customer base. At least it allows a curious customer to check out and also allows many potential customers to check your website or business to learn more and buy. Movies do it, Politicians do it, Big brands do it and why not you for your business.

Take advantage of any holidays coming such as week end sale, month end sale, Boxing day sale, Black Friday Sale etc. Also take advantage of any celebrations coming. Every month has so many events to run promotions such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving day and much more. As a business we never get tired of all these holidays as they are the opportunities for us to present our product and/or services to new and exciting potential customers and also to encourage some impulse buying and bulk buying from existing customers.

In fact, you will find different kind of customers. One is existing customers will be waiting for these kind of occasions do their bulk purchase for their need using the sales and promotions and the other set of customers will be the coupon cutters or the penny savers who know the businesses always announces sale in time to time to time basis. These customers were not from your customer base and they may not even become a part of your customer base. They may come and go along in the sale and promotions. They may hardly come to your business one or few time in a year and may recommend few of their penny pinching friends to your business. This may sound small to you. But in a bigger scheme of things..its all worth it.

So every business got to get innovative. Business and especially sales and marketing is the science. You got to understand the customers, their need and their habits. You got to cater to many kind of customers. 1) Impulsive buyers 2) whole sale buyers 3) Penny Pinchers 4) Discount Seekers 5) Loyal Customers 6) Repeat Buyers and more. Each one of them has to be treated at their level and appreciated and served for who they are. You should have plan to attract each one of them.

Today in the online universe, you have no boundary and so your customer base is enormous and anywhere. So you got to implement this strategy successfully to online also. These are just guide lines. Keep in mind, you know your business and your customers much better than anybody else and hence you should take this frame work and adjust for your circumstances to make it perfect for your business.

Never forget, Promotions and sale is very important no matter how bigger brand reorganization you have and that’s why you see all kind of bill boards and web promotions for even big brands like Coke, McDonalds, Dunkin Donets, Amazon and any brand you can think of. If Promotions and Brand reorganizations are important for those kinds of bigger brands, it is very much important for small to mid size business. So go ahead and create some exiting promotions for your customers and also some Freebies. But keep in mind the bottom line. Don’t get over exited and promise that you cannot afford or things that can put you in loss on each sale.

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