How to Brand and gain Customer relation?

If you’re a Small Business or Online Business, who wants to know the secrets of Brand Building and Business Success online, then you’re about to discover how to gain Customer relation Customer Loyalty right now! And hence making your brand and your business a grand success. In fact, if you want to know Business Success Online, then this new article – “How to Brand and gain Customer relation- Customer Loyalty and Business Success Online” – gives you the answers to important questions and challenges every Small Businesses and Online Businesses faces, including:

  • Building a brand for your business success
  • Customer relation
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Retention
  • Business Success Online
  • And much more!

Even though we want to discuss more on building a brand online, let us first see what a brand is and how to get started in a business. Your brand is the core of the business that is the vision you have for which you get up and run the business relentlessly. In other words a brand is what you want to deliver to your customers and you believe in. This could be different for different businesses. For example Wal-Mart’s brand is an everyday low price, Starbucks brand is the ‘Experience’, Apple’s brand is ‘Cool’, and McDonald’s brand is the Golden arch serving billions of burgers every day with consistent taste. You can see here easily, these companies have the brand not impress their customers rather that is what they believed in to begin with. Much time we think only the big businesses have brands and that is far from the truth. These big businesses were small once and to be precise they existed only in the minds of the creators and they had this vision, around which they created their business which in turn became their brand and eventually gained customer awareness, customer loyalty and customer retention respectively.

This is not going to be different for any business including yours. So for brand building for your business, you must ask for some soul-searching questions like why did you dream of starting this business, what makes your business different, what do you want your customers to remember your business as, etc. The more you start searching for the sole and the passion of your business then you will able to find out what your business stands for and will stand for and develop it is a brand.

Many time businesses think that their brand is on the website or logo or in the Face book page or the LinkedIn or Twitter profile. Even though all the above represent your business brand, your brand is essentially in the hearts and minds of you, your employees and your customers. Much time we see businesses spending a lot of money in building their brand, which could be okay but not absolutely necessary. In case of Wal-Mart for example, they didn’t publish everywhere on the website, TV ads and any other form of communication that they deliver low price everyday to build the brand rather they just relentlessly focused on delivering you everyday low products and hence building the brand. The process of building a brand for a business happens at every step of the way at every stage. The way we are excited to open the business, receiving the customers, receiving the phone calls, delivering service, customer handling, going extra miles in servicing all conveys the brand of your business. What do your customer think about your business as they think of your business is your business brand. What do you want your customers to think your business as they think of your business is your business brand.

Now make sure, your website, logo, Facebook page and all your social media profiles also represent your brand. So building a brand for your business should be a bottom-up approach rather than top-down approach. The main difference between top-down approach and the bottom-up approach is in the top-down approach you and your management team to finalize what will sound good for your customers and suggest taglines etc. And put that as your brand and you promote that heavily. Whereas in the bottom-up approach you find the soul and passion of the business and convey that through your business off-line and also through your website, logo, tagline, Facebook, twitter, linked in etc. You maybe even a one-person business today or a small business and maybe developed for medium-sized business and one day into a large business and all these things in and around about your business can and may change except that one thing. The heart and soul of the business on which you and your organization is focused relentlessly to deliver and that is your business brand.

Your customers who follow the soul of your business walk into your business online or off-line because any of your competitors can deliver the product and service what you deliver but not the brand you deliver. Your customers are excited because they get what they felt they will get and also they get what you said they will get. There is no black magic and this creates a great customer relation.

These customers of yours become so satisfied they start coming in again and again into your business whenever they need the product and service that you sell and thus developing customer loyalty. In fact they become so loyal to your business, they become your brand ambassadors and thus causing customer retention and exponential growth of your business.

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