Freelance Web Designers and Freelance Web Developers for Business Growth


Freelancer means working for some client but not solely dedicated to a particular employer. Freelance web developers are those persons who takes the web project from any client completes it and delivers it back to the client  and  freelance web designers are nothing but self employed. Due to successful online businesses there is now huge demand in designing the websites and the companies located outside charges more than the individual freelance web designers thus freelancer who can work as web designers are now in demand. Freelance Web designers work and complete the project within a stipulated time as decided by the client of the project. Freelancer web developers has low cost charge because the project money will be completely theirs as this does not involve any labor or other charges where as companies which are offering this type of services involve other hidden charges too which increases the charge of the project.

Freelance web developers are completely dedicated to their work as they are solely responsible for any bug or poor design or code occurred in the project. There are many Freelance web designer agencies which work as intermediate for the clients and freelance web developers across the globe. Agencies contact the right freelance web developer for the right project and thus leading to successful projects. There are many web sites also which are purely dedicated to freelance web designers for providing projects according to their skill and past projects held and these sites and agencies charge some amount to clients as well as freelance web designers.

There are many fields in which free lancing can be done like journalism, music, writing, script writing , acting, web design, graphic design, web development, computer programming and many more fields in which free lancing can be done. Many freelancers keep ready with their work and submit at appropriate cost to clients which demands for it. When analyzed in 2012 in North America 18 % of the free lancers do writing and only 4.5% are freelancer web designers for web development. Every freelance web designers has different types of rules to complete the work. Some freelance web designers ask for the deposit prior to start the work and some ask for just advance and rest after the project and the qualified freelance web developers with experience demands for full payment before the project and do the legal contract for the projects being developed that is payment depends upon the project, skills and the freelance web designer experience.

Freelance web designers choose free lancing for many types of reasons like some needs flexible timing for working and some have passion to work as free lancer. Some Freelance web designers have high skill and passion for designing the websites thus are in this free lancing field for the complete benefit for their hard work. There are many web designing companies who do not hire full time web designers instead search for freelance web designers in order to cut down the charges involved in developing the project. Some online businesses sites hunts for permanent freelance web designers such that flexibility of time to the designer can be given and the cost behind designing can be reduced at much low cost.

Free lancing can be preferred due to cost effective and reliable solutions by maintaining the appropriate Web standards and all can be done with one free lancer for particular project. Free lancing also has some types of drawbacks like delay in payment from employer or poor communication with employer can create hassle between the employer and the freelance web designers. One of the safe works can be of freelance web designers as they can show the particular site demo to the client on half payment and have a policy of making full site to live after payment. A beginner in the field of free lancing should start from the low cost project as number of projects can increase his or her experience and can also add value to the number of projects handled. Freelance web designers who can provide complete package of handling website like from designing till maintenance along with domain hosting, publishing, Google Ad sense, Web site Analysis are in demand as they can be paid for complete package and clients need not search for other freelance web developers or companies in order to do further work. Now a day’s clients have a demand of getting SEO optimization also from the companies or freelance web developers handling there site as this totally relaxes the client from internet marketing with some investment of little amount to the freelance web designers or to the companies.