Spec for Mobile app for service provider project

  1. We need mobile app that can work on Android , IOS and also a website that supports that both in system and mobile.
  2. Need to have database of registered (service providers) and first month these service providers can register and get full access of referrals for just $1 and then from second month. They will register online and will be approved by the admin.­­­­­­­
  3. There will be at least 6 to 8 categories of service providers  like from Class 1 to Class 8 depending upon their hrly rate and organization
  4. Two kind of fees structure the service providers have. For regular service they have to just pay a basic fee of $x and if they also want to get emergency services referrals, then they have to pay $x + $y.  In both cases for the first month, they can test run it for just $1 / month.
  5. We will have two options Emergency & Service required
  6. Emergency as they press they should be connected to the call center and the call center will take their requirement & refer them to the chosen service provider.
  7. Admin will able to write notes on which potential client has been assigned to which service provider and then and updates on the case (couple of lines only) and then if the issue is resoved and case closed details.
  8. There will be a chat window also for admin to quickly check if the service provider is available to take this emergency call and also if interested to service this potential client in this hour of emergency.
  9. Each service provider will have a profile page and a way for the customers to rate their service and write review
  10. If a service provider is getting money but not providing satisfactory service then we can red flag them and bring them to settlement. Way to handle discrepancies between the service provider and the client
  11. Service provider will be grouped as per their hrly charges so that its easy for the potential client to pick their service provider from the group of hrly charge that’s ok for them..
  12. When you click the service provider you will also able to see their profile, rating, reviews.. So that the user can pick the service provider they like at any time.
  13. We need to able to take the report of referrals provided to each service provider, and how it got converted into business and also the reviews and ratings they got in any given period and take report at all levels.
  14. This is the basic of the project and you can get back having these things in mind for Android, IOS and website
  15. If you will be interested in doing this project send your quote to sdilipan@gmail.com . Also feel free to reach us in whatsapp +16479644790 for any questions or clarifications.
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