How to update the Menu items / price list in Mingroom Site?

1. Login to
2. Open
3. In site, Click Menu
4. Select required menu say for example Main Menu
5. You see list of items and its price
6. compare it with the list/pdf given to you in mail.
7. If changes needed , click on “edit page” on top,
8. Find the exact line in the content and edit item name and price. Ensure ‘spicy hot’ icons and ‘new’ icons are in place, click update
9. Please “view page” and verify ok
10. Now Menu is updated , next update the orderonline menu in shopping cart to reflect the same
– Goto site home page
– Click “Order Online” shopping cart
– Login as user – dummyfortest ; password- wsr104kx
– Dashboard displays the details ; next click proceed “Order Online” link
– Asks for Delivery/Pickup , Select anything or say Pickup.
– Displays date and time, Click proceed
– Shopping Cart products listed here, select say “SOUP” , check its item and price
– If update needed, edit/add in wordpress
11. Go to wordpress-> Products-> search your product and update name and price. Save
– else add new product ,click “Add Product” , enter product name and price in both boxes of Price, Sale and then Save.
12. Again Go to Order online in site and verify ok.
13. Once changes are done, please do below verification and then send to HR for approval.
– Does the menu list in site matches with new pdf ?
– Does the shopping cart – product list matches with new pdf ?
– Does the item name and price list matches exactly ?
– Does the spicy icons, new icons are in place
– Does the shopping cart login work fine ?
– Are you able to order online ?
– Select more than one item in cart ?
– Are you able to check out successfully ?

1. Open mingroom site
2. Open WP site
3. Click Products
4. Click Smart Manager
5. You will see a XL with list of products
6. Search for particular category / term say for example “SALAD”
7. You will see the search results listed – say 3 salads
8. Click on PRICE of SHRIMP SALAD and edit/ type 6.25 on 6.10
9. Then Click on SALES PRICE of SHRIMP SALAD and edit/ type 6.25 on 6.10 again
10. Once these two are edited , go to page bottom
11. Click SAVE button
12. You can see “1 record updated succesfully” message
13. Done. Now go to Products and verify if it is OK
14. Then go to real site – Order Online Menu page and verify if it is OK

How to REMOVE Empty Shopping Cart Line from SIDEBAR in Mingroom pages ?
1. Login to
2. Click Appearance
3. Click Widgets
4. Select ‘Shopping Cart’
5. In Widgets Logic add below code in last line
6. && !is_page(1058)
7. 1058 is the post id / page id
8. Replace it with your post id / page id which can be found in the bottom url showing up when you place cursor over ‘Edit Page’ in top of your page.
9. Click Save
10. Goto site page and verify if it is removed