How to make page on Online school

  1. Upload the folder  you have got from camtasia into wp-content/uploads.
  2. Create a PHP file by copying the content of filename_player.html and add php code to check login information.
  3. Save the file and exit.



  1. Create a new post and add the following code there
    1. <iframe src=”http://…..” ></iframe>
    2. The src should be the url of the php file which you have created.
    3. Publish the post under related category & it subcategory.


To edit the post:

` You can find the post by giving Post id or keywords related to post.


How to Add Text Files in the NetUltimate School

1. Click “Posts” from Admin Panel Sidebar of WP-Admin
2. Click “Add New” . You can find a text editor window
3. Write the content in the text editor by giving right title.
4. Choose right Category..
a. For example, if the text is coming in HTML course, you need to select
i. Courses and its sub category Text, HTML
Note: for every post, you need to select min 1 main category and 2 subcategories.

5. Add right information on All in One SEO pack
6. Add tags
7. Click Publish