How to Add Website in Portfolio

  1. Take a snapshot of the website you want to add in portfolio
  2. Create a post under category “Portfolio” and corresponding website category
  3. Publish the post
  4. Note down the post meta id for further reference. (It is available in address bar of the WP backend)
  5. Add the website snapshot image through Media.
  6. Once added, click attach and attach the image to corresponding post you did recently for that website. Give needed attributes
  7. Now check the portfolio for new website added in portfolio
  8. If the link or image is not available, add the image path and website link through Phpmyadmin
  9.  Access the DB with corresponding FTP.
  10. Select corresponding DB. Select table WP-postmeta of that DB
  11. Update SubHeadimgLink with the image path that is added through media
  12. Update the projLink with the url of the corresponding website
  13. Now save the fields and check for portfolio.
  14. portfolio image has been updated.