Checklist for Asian connections Newspaper Post

How to feed News in Asian Newspaper


Checklist for Asian Connections Newspaper

Once you have got the documents form the client under each category, Please do the following.


  • Check the document whether the image or image link has been provided. Use alt attribute for the images
  • If yes, use that image in post or add it in featured images.
  • If not please search for image with the title of the news.
  • Please choose appropriate image according to the occasion of the news event.


  •  Make the content that looks attractive and readable. Optimize your content with bold, italic if needed.
  •   Make sure that you are providing enough breathing space between each paragraph.
  •   Please check the right category for your posts.
  •   Please fill the relevant tags to make the post is easily searchable.


Setting Category  & Featured Posts:

  •   Set the right Category to the Post as given by the Client.
  •    If the client give instruction on  featured posts, Add those posts in featured category.
  •    If you dint find any instructions, check out the current edition of the newspaper that is available in the RHS and pick the top news form the first 4 pages…

Sticky Post:

  •   If the client asks to make the post as sticky, Please check the “Sticky” option available  in sidebar.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Please fill all the fields in All in One SEO pack.
  • Title should be max of 70 characters
  • Meta description should not exceed 150 characters
  • Please make sure the keywords are added as per the news.

Make sure all the things are perfectly done and send mail to the authorized person once you have completed all the posts and checked properly at your end…

How to take backup of Asian Newspaper?

  • We will provide 2 FTP login credentials for different locations. One for current e- paper and another one for past issues. (Please keep the FTP information confidential)
  • Login to past issues which is in our server with the FTP information given to you and create a folder within a folder.
  • Once you logged in , you can find the folders named with current year(for ex: 2014). Open the folder having the name of current year and create a subfolder inside it with name as the current date. (for ex. apr04)
  • Now Login into epaper with the another FTP information, archive the contents and download it.
  • Then upload them into the folder which you create and extract the content there.
  • Now login to wp-admin of the asian newspaper website and Click Pages->All Pages.
  • You can find page named as “Past Issues”
  • Open that page and add the link to the index.html of the newspaper which was uploaded into the folder you have created.
  • Click update and now the link to the past issues is done.