Yahoo Anwers Instructions

How to post in yahoo answers with hyperlink?
You cannot post a “live” link till you’ve reached level 2. To reach Level 2, you must have 250 points . You can actually reach Level 2 in a few days. Here’s how:-
How to earn points in order to level- up?
Here are the ways you lose & gain points:-

When you begin participating on Yahoo! Answers, you receive 100 points.
When you ask a question, you lose 5 points.
When you choose a best answer for a question you asked, you receive 3 points.
When voters vote “no best answer” for a question of yours, you get your 5 points back.
When you answer a question, you receive 2 points.
When you delete an answer, you lose 2 points.
When you log into Yahoo! Answers, you earn 1 point daily.
When you vote for an answer, you gain 1 point.
When you vote for “no best answer”, you do not receive or lose any points.
When you receieve a best answer, you earn 10 points.

Receive a “thumbs-up” rating on a best answer that you wrote (up to 50 thumbs-up are counted)
you earn 1 point per thumbs-up. ( Thumbs down do not affect this ).
Some tips on how to get the best answer:-
1-Make your answers thorough and informative. Try your best to make your answers as informative,
helpful, detailed, accurate, and precise.
2-Site your sources, and add links that you think could help others regarding the question.
3-Choose a category ( or sub-category ) that you know lots about and one that you know you
will be able to contribute a lot in. ( i.e.if you’re good at science, answer in the “Science” category. )
4-Don’t give false information.