Techniques to write high quality articles Fast

1) Expected size for internal article is +/- 750 Words. This standard can be maintained for all internal website articles and for external articles (to be posted in the articles sites) you can follow the same standard unless it is mentioned differently in their terms and conditions.

2) Open the KA (Keyword Advantage) and click on ‘Content’ Tab and get some articles pulled using the targeted keywords and article titles. You can use the same technique using Google search to get to see the articles and sites that got listed in the first page.

3) Scan through as many articles as you can and find the interesting lines that you want to use in your new article. Copy them and paste in a word document.

4) You should collect the contents that are twice that much in size than needed.

5) Now organize the whole content in such a way it is more presentable by setting up paragraphs, sub titles, bullets and numbers.

6) In this process trim your article by removing unwanted lines or by restating it eloquently and your goal in the process is to reduce the article to 125% from 200%.

7) Now check the key word intensity. Make sure you are having the primary keyword less than 2% and secondary keyword to 1%.

8) Now trim the article to come to the required size and make sure it is presented very well with no grammar or spelling mistakes.

9) This is the time for you to do duplichecker to make sure absolutely no copied content and if there is any fix it make sure to find no copy.

10) Secret of writing article is presenting it with good bread, paragraphs, sub titles and bullets in a way it keeps the reader’s attention and easy to scan through.

11) Last but not the least is to know if you are not impressed and exited about your writing your readers will not also. So pl read the article to make sure you are exited or fix it and then send to your supervisor for approval.