Rules for Building Back links

 Rules for Building Back links

As you can see in the flow chart, you have to always link back to the deep pages (pages other than the home page) also.

In fact recommended percentage could be 75% going to internal articles using respective anchor text and bio links again at a ratio of (70 – 20-10) and 20% going to home page and 10% to the domain name direct.

 Things to keep in mind while building Back links

1. Add MORE properly optimized articles to your site targeting different Targeted Keywords

2. Get more back links

3. Make sure that you are giving the links in the 75:25 ratios. 75% for different internal pages and 25% for Home page and the exact domain

4. Always follow the 70-20-10 formula by having

KW target ratio:


In 70%,

  • 50% of this would be exact keywords   – Out of this, 60% – Primary Keyword, 40% – Secondary Keyword  Eg. (“Heart rate monitor”.)
  • 50% of the above said is synonyms, varied keywords (Out of this, 60% – synonym, varied kw of Primary Keyword, 40% –  synonym, varied kw of Secondary Keyword)  (eg. Device to monitor heart rate)

In 20%,

  • Keyphrases  , Out of this, 60% – Primary Keyword, 40% – Secondary Keyword  (eg. If keyword is heart rate monitor, the anchor text will be “For more information on heart rate monitor, please click here.”)

In 10%,

  • Use bio links such as “click here, check out the website, know more,  for more info, or bio author name etc
  • Use direct URL


Pagelink Ratio:


  • 75% all the internal pages
  • 25%  homepage