How to search for link building resources

Niche Blog Strings
“keywords” + “post comment” -”comments closed”
“keywords” +blog + dofollow – “comments closed”
“keywords” +comments +dofollow -”comments closed”

.EDU and .GOV Strings
– “keyword phrase”+inurl:blog
– “keyword phrase”+inurl:blog
– inurl:blog “keyword phrase”
–”submit site”
–”submit your site”
–”add url”
– inurl:blog “keyword” “comment”
– site:gov – ”you must be logged in” -”comment closed”
– site:edu – ”you must be logged in” -”comment closed”

1)    Setup Google Alerts in google to get blogs info in different niches.

Go to Google and choose more options and choose blog alerts and set up to up to 50 blog alerts for
the broader keyword or niche topic you want to receive email on and then take action by
posting comments.

2)    How to get Niche Blogs?
In google search for
Keyword + ”Post Comment” – “comment closed”
Egs: Jewelry + “post Comment” – “Comment Closed”

You can better search for
Keyword + Blog + Dofollow – “comment closed”
Keyword + comments + Dofollow – “comment closed”

PN:- Once you get the desired search result from Google
You will able to sort your result from high pr
Go to advance settings of google settings and make it to list 50 or 100 searches per page
Do the search result as .csv file with ,: delimited
Then import this .csv file to xl