Choose an attractive landing page design

Before going to landing page design, let us consider landing page. The landing page is nothing but a single webpage that appears in response to the SEO search results. And it is also called as a lead capture page or a “Lander”. The landing pages are linked to the email campaigns, social media or search engine marketing in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. Landing page design is nothing but the design in which it may be directed sales copy and that is a logical extension of the advertisement.  And there are two kinds of landing page design and they are referenced landing page and transactional landing page.

Landing page design is considered very important to the users because they have to bring the users to their websites. Landing page Design and the element of the pages are very important and it is regardless of your marketing goals.  For instance, do you want the people to sign up for a mailing list for your local mortar and brick business? Or you are looking to push the eBook through internet marketing? These two instances are different from each other and it requires very different feeling to both the pages. For these two instances landing page design should be different. The important thing that we have to remember is that the landing page is not designed to provide information. It is strictly, entirely and designed for involving in an activity and for the success of your business.

Showcase your credibility

Whether you are building a list or selling a product, eases the collective mind of customers and proves them that your business is trustworthy and credible.

Once you set the marketing goals, there are three important key elements to design a functional and dynamic landing page that can be used to achieve those goals. Knowing the adaptation and adjustment of those elements to your specific needs is relatively very easy to achieve it.

Any product it may, the following three elements should be present in the landing page in order to function it well.

  • Keep the things clean: There are many people on the internet and those people may love to surf and be in control of them. And you simply want to take control away from them. There should not be anything distracted in the  landing page. You have to make them focused on the things available on the landing page. If you fill the pages with pretty images or bad links to other information, surely it makes them frustrated. Because these people will be  looking for an excuse. And they suddenly leave the page without offending you. And it should be in the mind that doesn’t distract them with too much stuff.


  • Make the things clear: There is an old adage that people will become  emotional and back it up with logic. You have to keep your sales message very clear. You have to give some reasons to engage in the activity that you desire. Make them to know that there are many logical things available in the world for them to do. If they want to sign up the mailing list, then explain the benefits of sign up.  And then you have to leave them choose their options. And remember another old adage that asks for the sale and then shut up. The first option to be speaking loses and in this case the first thing should be clicked.


  • Keep the things closed: Don’t permit them to go anywhere unless that is not to  your expected outcome. And simply we can say that make all other paths to be closed. Do not use tricky popup if they try to leave you.  At all the situation and circumstances, you have to respect your readers and also it should not mean that it is a static page.  It is possible to use delayed loading of the images or text that keep your users engaged, even they are in 2 or 3 minutes on the site already. Make them go through the door you selected or close it.

Those are the basics of any landing page design. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to find  success.  Converting landing page is a really a great thing when it comes to successful online promotions.  It is very important to achieve more sales and sign ups by tuning your content including a crystal clear call of action. Creating landing page design was considered as very important. If the landing page design is not up to the mark, then the expected sales cannot be achieved.